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The Reproductive Centers of America is private fertility practice with offices in New York (East Side), Connecticut, and Lisbon. We are soon going to inaugurate our offices in Connecticut. With a team of fertility specialists renowned World Wide multiple times over, the Reproductive Centers of America has the experience and advanced technology to suit every patient’s unique goals.

The Reproductive Centers of America team works with each of their intended parents to create in-depth, personalized treatment plans. They adhere to an all-integrative practice concept. This involves a dedicated decision-making clinician process directed prioritizing in finding the heart of disorder/s instead of merely addressing and managing the patient’s signs and symptoms individually. Our team also recognizes the advantages of an all-inclusive holistic approach to the uniqueness and individuality that each patient represents, being a great sum of its parts. As part of this integrative approach in managing your fertility, we advocate for your full well-being that may be aided by other non-traditional eastern-based practices such as acupuncture, meditation, yoga, and nutrition, centering your focus on what is important and decreasing your stress throughout your journey to fertility. We have an associated team of responsible professionals who entrust work with an esteemed acupuncturist and wellness coach and nutritionist to ensure their patients receive the most holistic health care possible.

As world-class leaders in fertility care for more than 15 years, the practice offers patients a combination of conventional fertility treatments, namely artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization (IVF), and more innovative regenerative management options such as ovarian platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and exclusive endometrial growth PRP protocols. Our team also provides Mini-IVF, improved-IVF, Egg-Freezing, Genetic Testing, and gender preference programs.

The Reproductive Centers of America welcomes you to take advantage of our comprehensive state-of-the-art onsite services complemented by a European elegant and nurturing environment practice. In a one-stop location, we can offer rapid-results labs and blood work, multiple ultrasound modalities, and operating rooms with integrated recovery to assist you in achieving the highest fertility results.

Not only does The Reproductive Centers of America works with the most up-to-date fertility technologies and equipment, but we also offer to our established patients around the clock 24/7 access to our staff, doctors and embrace our achieving a Local 3-Pack and Organic rating in both New York and Connecticut.

To receive the best fertility care from a group of caring fertility specialists that will safeguard you in your parenthood journey, call The Reproductive Centers of America or book an appointment online today

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